Today’s launch of the CityCoin MIA$ in Miami, Fla, USA

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In the midst of the “Disruptive duo” of automation and globalization. We are experiencing a high velocity of job displacement, rising inequality, the environment suffering, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed every crack in the system.  Not only that, governments have increased their levels of public debt in nations all over the world.  The city of Miami surely is not different.

Surges the initiative of applying Blockchain ecosystems trying to help to diminish these impacts starting with the city of Miami. 

The experience had with blockchain ecosystems has shown that not only are they storage of value and transactions but could implement business models based on the principle of cooperation and reciprocity.
Today,  the first CityCoin for the city of Miami is launched ( based on the blockchain ecosystem of Stacks and Bitcoin ( The validation of MIA$ coins will generate revenues (called mining) where 30% will be provided to the city authorities for its improvement. Probably, those funds will be used for the benefit of the city inhabitants promoting innovation, creativity, education, job displacement guidance, helping to confront the challenging times we are all facing.

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